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Teacher & Student Online Attendance System 2021


What is a Student Attendance Management System?

A student attendance management system keeps a track of attendance of its students for purposes such as tracking student’s progress in terms of class-wise attendance and behavioral analysis.

An online attendance management system for students eases the task of attendance taking besides helping schools manage data on real time basis.

Aside from managing attendance, an online attendance system serves as an efficient tool of communication between students, teachers and parents for updating purposes as well.

Online attendance system for students can be integrated with your existing virtual classroom software to manage grades, behavioral reports, timesheet, etc. Most such platforms help in maintaining attendance records based on class wise, day wise and subject wise basis.

What are the Core Features of Online Attendance System for Students

Online attendance system for students performs other key functions besides tracking attendance and ensuring parent-teacher coordination. Some of its other core features are:

  • Managing Timetables

With the help of online attendance software for students, end users can perform the paperless management of multiple timetables. You can schedule a timetable and share it at online with students and parents.

  • Points and Attendance Scores

In many schools, attendance recording is being used for calculating promotion and academic scores. Online attendance system helps calculate points and attendance scores through embedded codes within the software.

  • Biometric Face Recognition

Online attendance system eliminates the possibility of buddy punching. Fingerprint or biometric recognition system prevents students from missing out on classes, and chances of buddy punching, and proxy attendances are eliminated.

  • Attendance Management

This of course is the core function of attendance software. Track attendance/leaves if students as well as the school staff through this platform. Also, you can create records for this attendance, import these records and share the same with parents. 

  • Circular Making

You can create circulars for upcoming events, notices, tests and extracurricular activities and circulate them online attendance monitoring system.

  • Attendance Record During Examination

Online attendance system for students can be used for tracking the attendance of students taking online exams, test, classroom assignments and quizzes.

  • Customizable Reports

Online attendance system for students help create records of students’ attendance for grading and other purposes.

How Online Attendance System for Students Plays an Important Role in Online Teaching

Online attendance management software solutions are scalable in nature and highly intuitive. Thus they are easy to integrate into any system and easy to use. The various ways in which the application can be utilised for online teaching are:

  • Maintaining Staff Attendance

Through online attendance software, it is also possible to keep a track of leaves/holidays/present days of staff in a school or educational institute. Calculate their working hours and identify the areas of work that need improvement through efficient time management.

  • Alerts for Parent

Parents need to be updated of their ward’s progress. Through the online attendance management software, you can send regular updates to parents regarding a learner’s participation in class, attendance record, grade/behavioral report and assignment completion. 

  • Punctuality and Discipline

Manually maintaining record of attendance and other data is sometimes time consuming and tedious. An online attendance system for students eases this by automating most such tasks.

As a result, an educator can keep a better tab on student’s performance and discipline for timely completion of tasks. Subsequently, you can individually motivate and encourage a learner about the bright side of staying punctual as well as disciplined.

  • Automatic Report Generation

Summary reports, attendance records, trend reports and such data are generated automatically on a regular basis for each student in a classroom. They are neatly organised in the dashboard section and can be accessed anytime.

5 Best Online Attendance System for Students Used by Online Class Platforms

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